Aria & Grace Keilbach

Founder of Boonie Babies Saipan, Aria Keilbach, moved to the island of Saipan in 2018 from Pueblo, Colorado. Having grown up with a passion for animals, the harsh treatment of boonie dogs on-island could not go ignored by Aria. Only 16 years old at the time, she started by simply stocking her car with dog food to stop and feed any strays she came across. Urgent situations then thrust her into the world of rescue, fostering, and providing medical in-home care as she took in some of the worst situations of neglect she had ever seen. Aria was able to rescue, foster, and adopt out several dogs at a time but Boonie Babies was able to transform into an even greater mission when her sister, Grace Keilbach joined her on Saipan in 2020. As a team, the Keilbach sisters are now able to rescue more dogs than ever before and make their presence known on social media to bring awareness and help to the boonie dogs of Saipan. 

You can do something big, or you can do something small. Because what ever you do...

it's better than nothing at all.


Aria (left) and Grace Keilbach (right) along with several Boonie Babies foster dogs. 

 The now 21 and 23 year-old sisters work full time to provide care to the boonie dogs of Saipan. You can reach them through the social medias provided:

A Quick Glimpse

These photos display just a fraction of the abuse and neglect the boonie dogs of Saipan face everyday.