Pet Sitting

Going off-island for a short period of time or simply need a weekend alone but don't know what to do with your pets? Boonie Babies founders Grace and Aria Keilbach open their home to short-term four-legged guests. 

Pet Grooming

With limited pet resources on-island it is no surprise that we go without a grooming facility as well. Grooming is absolutely essential, especially if you own a breed with longer and harder to manage fur, such as Maltese, shih tzu’s, or poodles. Serious problems can result from a lack of grooming. Long hair that isn’t brushed regularly will become matted and accumulate dirt, feces, and all sorts of other icky stuff, these mats can become so thick and suffocating that if left untouched they can even cut off a dog’s circulation and extremely limit their range of motion. Even neat but overgrown fur can impair your dog’s ability to see and navigate the world. Not to mention that in Saipan’s harsh, hot weather, a dog with long thick hair can easily overheat and would constantly be uncomfortable. Uncut nails can cause extreme pain when walking and even lead to further issues as dogs alter their natural stances to try to reduce the pain. Long haired dogs should get haircuts every 6-8 weeks and nails should never be allowed to grow long enough that they curl under the paw or touch the floor when a dog walks. Please put yourself in your dog’s paws and imagine how uncomfortable a lack of grooming must be and please try to help them as much as possible. If you have a dog that needs grooming but are not willing to do so yourself, please reach out to us! 

Dog Walking

Walking is an essential activity when owning a dog. It is a time for your dog to expell energy and be physically and mentally stimulated through all the sights and sounds they encounter. Walks can be a relaxing unstructured activity, or you can utilize them as a training exercise and work on focus and socialization in your pup. Either way, Boonie Babies is willing to help. If you are unable to walk your dog yourself, reach out and we can take your boonie out for an adventure (prices vary). Or, if you would like to join us on a "Pack Walk" in which you can volunteer to walk a Boonie Babies Foster, or bring your own dog along for some fun, reach out to us for the schedule!

Dog Training

Without proper socialization and structure, dogs can easily develop behavioral problems. Especially many boonies who often times grow up without any positive human interaction. Therefore, Boonie Babies offers training services. Whether you would like to book your dog for boarding training at the home of Boonie Babies dog-trainer Aria Keilbach, or if you would like schedule training sessions in your own home or public places contact us and we can discuss possibilities.