On-Island Adoption

If you are located here on Saipan and are interested in adopting, look through our options of adoptable boonies and consider which one might fit best in your family. Contact us for more information, to apply to adopt, or schedule a meet-and-greet!

Off-Island Adoption

Adopting from off-island is possible! However, becuase of our remote location, it is a long and expensive process. Thanks to donations, Boonie Babies can cover medical costs up until the journey, purchase an air-safe crate, provide a plane ticket from Saipan to Guam, and have accomodations ready in Guam while the dog goes through the medical and paperwork requirements to travel. From Guam, the boonie dog will fly to their forever home, wherever that may be. These flight expenses can range anywhere from $1800-$2500. Unfortunately, we just do not have the funding to cover that so these costs would be adopter's responsibility to provide. Please contact us if you are able and willing to adopt a rescued boonie, saving their life. 



Our current batch of Boonie Babies foster puppies are currently still fighting off tick disease and will be posted available for adoption as soon as they are healthy enough! In the meantime, please consider what type of dog would best fit your family (size, age, gender) and feel free to put in a request for any future foster that may fit this.

Adopt a Stray

These boonie dogs have been living on the streets fending for themselves their entire lives. Boonie Babies has been feeding them for over a year now and believes they are deserving of loving homes. All the dogs available are friendly to volunteers, however, potential adopters need to be aware that these boonies have never experienced house life and will need training, socialization, and a family willing to be patient while they adjust.

*it is important to be aware that it is unknown how these dogs are around other dogs, cats, children, ect. and potential owners need to be prepared*



Eddie lives as a stray and has fathered many puppies over his years on the streets. Boonie Babies has been feeding him for a year now. Eddie enjoys pets and waiting at the end of the road for volunteers to drive up.


APPROX. 45lbs.

Young Adult Male


Young Adult Male

Banzai is a reserved boonie who gets picked on by other members of his pack. Even after a year, Banzai is still hesitant to accept pets, however, he is always excited to see Boonie Babies' volunteers and his tail goes wild when we pull up. We know this shy boy is just scared to be loved and needs a family who will be patient and help him reach that trusting point. 

APPROX. 45lbs.


Young Adult Male

This pretty boy is a Boonie Babies favorite. Azizi is a joy to be around and his stub tail wiggles uncontrollably when we pull up to his feeding spot. Azizi loves pets and will stare right into your soul and steal your heart with his gorgeous eyes.


APPROX. 45lbs. 


Adult Female

Gypsy has lived her entire life on the streets and has mothered many puppies over the years. Sadly, in Saipan's harsh environment very few of her litters have made it to adulthood. Gypsy has some mange and scars from her fight to survive and deserves a loving home where this grandma can finally relax and never have to suffer through motherhood again. 


6 Month Old Male

Ron is the youngest of his stray dog pack and one of the only surviving pups from his litter. Ron is a thin and skittish little boy because he has spent his entire life fending for himself, but we are confident he would make a loving family member if given the chance!


Adult Female

We gave this sweet girl a name that means "grandmother" in Russian to reflect her extremely strong and caring soul. She has mothered many puppies on the streets and always does her very best to take the greatest care of them. Babushka is extremely loving and we can just picture her in her "retirement days" splayed out on a couch in a loving home. 


This sweet mama has lived on the streets her whole life and has surely lost many litters over the years to Saipan's harsh environment. Molly''s latest puppies have been rescued by Boonie Babies but poor Molly is still waiting for her turn. 

Young Adult Female

More adoptable boonies being uploaded soon.