On-Island Adoption

If you are located here on Saipan and are interested in adopting, scroll down to see which adoptable boonies we have available. From there you can apply to adopt, schedule a meet-and-greet, or reach out to us for more information on adopting or fostering!

Off-Island Adoption

Adopting from off-island was possible until 2022 when United Airlines suspended their PetSafe Travel Program. Because United is the only domestic Airline on Saipan, they are our easiest and most reliable way fly animals off-island. Please consider signing the petition below to urge United to reopen PetSafe travel and save hundreds of boonie dogs. 

Without United's assistance we have been unable to fly dogs off-island for the past two years and are desperate for a solution. 

Adopt a Boonie


Female, approx. 3-4 months

Ainsley was found on the beach too weak to even run away from her rescuer. Her littermates had sadly already passed away and Ainsley was so sick, we were not sure she’d pull through. Incredibly, she’s made a full recovery and doesn’t let her tragic past affect her at all and is a feisty, playful puppy. Ainsley can usually be found bossing around puppies three times her size or cuddled up with friends. She is human and dog friendly and would prefer a home with no young children as she loves to chase and annoy other dogs but does not love the same energy back from tiny humans. 

We are guessing Ainsley will be a small boonie and only grow to about 25 pounds, 



Female, approx. 5-6 months

At just two months old Foxy was dumped in Saipan's thick jungle with her five siblings. Luckily, someone spotted her litter and notified us. Most of Foxy's siblings were easily caught in traps with the help of some yummy canned cat food, but Foxy was not as easily fooled. Volunteers had to chase Foxy through the thick jungle and ultimately were able to catch her in some vines and scoop her up. Foxy has since mellowed out and transformed from a skittish stray to a playful, friendly puppy. All her siblings have been adopted and Foxy is still waiting for her turn. She is dog and human friendly but can be shy at first. 

Foxy runs the show in places she is familiar and comfortable in but does stress drool in new environments until she warms up.

We expect Foxy to be a medium-sized boonie and probably 25-30 pounds as an adult. 



Female, aprox. 7-9 months

Sarah was a stray brought into the local animal clinic on Saipan, but since they are not an ainimal shelter they surrendered her to Boonie Babies. She was very malnourished and missing a goood majority of her fur from mange but is now completely healthy. Sarah puts on a tough girl act with dogs from a distance but has had no issues or aggression once she meets other dogs face to face. This gangly girl has not met a single person she does not like. She is good with children but keep in mind she is still full of puppy energy (and ill-manners) and loves to chase and nip anything fun and moving!

Sarah is slim with long legs so we expect she'll be a medium-sized boonie and grow to approx. 35 pounds.





Adult Female

Lucy was a stray here at a beach front hotel where staff affectionately cared for her. When staff members had to move off-island they surrendered Lucy to Boonie Babies so she would not become an uncared for stray again. 

Lucy is a dog-friendly, mellow girl who spends most of her time napping in a calm, quiet corner. A past unknown injury from her street dog life has left her with a limp in her back left leg but it does not seem to bother her or slow her down at all. Lucy barks at strangers but warms up quickly and loves affection from anyone. She is incredibly soft!


7 weeks old

These cute boonie puppies were found on the verge of death and sadly two of their siblings passed away from tick disease. However, these five babies have made a full recovery! Peaches and Otter have been adopted but Turtle (M), Blue (M), and Toby (M) are still waiting for their forever homes. 

Adult Male

Davy Jones was a stray with Lucy at a local Saipan hotel who was also surrendered to us when they could no longer care for him. He may look a little scary as a scarred, bigger boonie missing an eye, but Davy Jones is a big baby! Davy Jones is dog-friendly but would do best as an only dog because he is such an attention hog and wants all the love and pets to himself. Being a previous stray, Davy Jones is not used to being directed anywhere and whimpers when being collar led or leashed but is getting better everyday! This silly boy would make an amazing dog for a lucky owner to love and spoil unconditionally. 

Davy Jones also requested we add that he likes to sleep in the bed...



Male, approx. 4-5 months



Male, approx. 4-5 months



Male, approx. 4-5 months



Young Adult Female

Lola was a stray dog we picked up to spay and release but fell in love with her affectionate personality. Lola is very sweet and cuddly with those she knows but is still wary of strangers and new things from her unsocialized past. She has displayed no aggression but does bark at anything that makes her nervous (strange men, bicyclists, joggers, etc.)

She is also no more than 3 years old so still has a lot of energy and puppy habits such as mouthing and playing roughly with other dogs. 

Lola would do best in a home with experienced dog owners who are aware of her scrappy street dog past and willing to put in the effort to makee Lola a well-rounded socialized dog.



Adult Male

Tag is a gorgeous large boonie boy with a very mellow temperament. He loves other dogs and will whimper if they aren't interested in meeting him back. 

Tag spent years in the animal shelter with no socialization and as a result is very timid! He displays no aggression with strangers but needs to go to a home with owners who have experience with shy dogs.



Femlae, approx. 6-8 months

When she was just four months old Tamara was discovered when she and her sister Tia followed a group of hikers down one of the hardest hikes on Saipan! After accomplishing that, the hikers knew they couldn't leave these determined stray sisters behind and they were brought to us. Tamara is in her naughty teenage age and spends most of her time chasing down puppies younger than her and jumping up on anyone around her. We are wokring on her manners and building her confidence when meeting stranger dogs  (she likes to bark at them from a distance).  

Tamara is dog and people friendly and would make a great addition to an active family!

Tamara is a long-legged adolescent who we expect will grow to be a tall boonie and about 30-35 pounds. 


More adoptable boonies being uploaded soon.