Off-Island Adoption

Why now?

Adopting from off-island was possible until 2020 when United Airlines suspended their PetSafe Travel Program. Because United is the only domestic Airline on Saipan, they are our easiest and most reliable way fly animals off-island. Since they stopped providing the desperately needed service of transporting animals, families moving from Saipan have been forced to leave their four-legged family members behind and rescued boonies are left stranded here with little to no access to animal care and no possibility of relocation elsewhere. Without United's assistance we have been unable to fly dogs off-island for nearly three years and are desperate for a solution.

The only alternative to United is chartering private planes. However, this option is extremely expensive and difficult.

We are excited to announce we have a confirmed flight scheduled in January-February 2023 (waiting on exact flight dates).

We are still awaiting details regarding how many kennel spots we will have. Consequently, the number of dogs we can send is still uncertain and therefore adoptions will be based on a first-come-first-serve basis. Because of the great cost to ship animals using this chartering option from Saipan-Hawaii-LAX-final destination($1000-$1500 per dog) our adoption fee will be around $750-$1000 (depending on the size of the dog).

If you are interested in adopting a one-of-a-kind Saipan boonie, check out our adoptable dogs below. We ask that you please thoroughly read the Things to Know section before filling out any adoption applications. 




We are completely transparent about our dogs. All behavioral issues they have exhibited are stated clearly in their written descriptions. 

Our boonies are socialized to the best of our abilities with the limited resources we have access to on-island. However, potential adopters need to be aware that most boonies available below spent the majority of their lives as strays and none have been off the secluded island of Saipan. Therefore, we cannot guarantee how exactly they might react to the new people, places, and things they will encounter once relocated.

We recommend always taking the appropriate precautions and steps when introducing your rescued boonie to any new experiences and we recommend hiring a dog trainer if necessary to continue improving their socialization journey. 


Most of our boonie dogs available for adoption have had the privelege of being sterilized by visiting veterinarions. However, there are a few that were unable to recieve the surgeries. 

It is extremely important to Boonie Babies that our rescued dogs do not ever have to go through the trauma of birthing more puppies or add to the overpopulation of unwanted dogs throughout the world.

We require all dogs from our organization to be spayed or neutered within a year of arriving to their new homes. If you will be adopting one of our unsterilized dogs you must sign a contract agreeing to do so and must provide proof of sterilization from your veterinarian upon completion.


There is no veterinarian on-island so unfortunately we cannot be certain about any medical conditions our dogs may have. The ages listed below each dogs' picture are our best guess but are not a guarantee. Adopters will be required to take their new boonie dog to the vet within one month of arrival. We recommend getting your dog a complete workup as well as any vaccinations specific to your location.

Every boonie dog listed has been dewormed, recieved consistent flea/tick prevention, and has been tested for heartworms. Any specific issues in a dog's medical history will be listed in their written descriptions.

Boonie Babies is not responsible for any health issues that may be discovered in a veterinary assessment and cannot assist with medical costs. 


Angelica 2
Angelica 1:1
Angelica 3

Female, approx. 6 months


Peggy 1:3
Peggy 2:4
Peggy 3:4
Peggy 4:4

Female, approx. 6 months


eliza adopted
Eliza 3:3
baby eliza

Female, approx. 6 months

     These three sisters were left at a common puppy dumping spot near Ladder Beach Saipan. They were lucky to be found by a local policewoman who was simply driving around doing her rounds. She immediately called us for help and asked us to take them in. They were scrawny little puppies with ribs portruding and lots of fleas, but they were all extremely affectionate from the get go.

Eliza was our little troublemaker who learned how to climb out of the puppy pen early on and simply wanted to hang out with the big dogs constantly. 

Angelica is our confident sister who does great in new scenarios and likes to voice her opinions during play.

And Peggy is the shy girl, she's a little more reserved than her sisters despite being the tallest and biggest one. 

All three can be wary and reactive to strangers and tend to be barky meeting new people but respond well to corrections and are friendly once greeted appropriately. Their adopters should be prepared to address their reactiveness through training before it escalates. 



Scar adopted
Scar 3
Scar 4
Scar 5

Male, approx. 1-3 Years

Despite his name and sharing the same scraggly mane, Scar is quite the opposite of the spiteful, unfriendly Disney lion. Scar is the perfect family dog! He has not met a single person or child that he doesn't just absolutely love. He thrives on attention and makes that very well known. Scar loves on and off-leash adventures although needs to work on his recall around distractions and leash manners. He is an extremely vocal boy and whether he is happy, frustrated, excited, or sad he will talk about it, so needs a family who won't mind him expressing his emotions out loud. He gets overexited easily and can be stubborn and unwilling to leave fun situations.

Scar is dog-friendly but is vocal in play which can be too overwhelming for some other dogs. Swipe through his picture to see his incredible recovery from emaciated half-naked stray.



Sarah 1
Sarah 2
Sarah 3

Female, approx. 1 year

Sarah was left at the local animal clinic as an unwanted stray at just a few months old. She was malnourished and had very sparse hair due to mange. However, she's grown big and healthy since then and is now your classic teenage dog. Sarah is extremely friendly, curious, and exiteable. She has little to no fear of new things or places and is simply an aloof pup. Since Sarah is such a happy-go-lucky adolescent she needs a family that will teach her some manners such as not jumping, mouthing, or pulling on a leash. Sarah is easily overexited, especially towards other dogs on a walk. Despite being crated at times everyday since her rescue, she still is vocal and yodels if she wants to be out. Overall, Sarah would do great with any family that can keep up with her energy and teach her to grow into a well-mannered adult dog.



Aspen adopted
ASpen 2
Aspen 4

Female, approx. 4-5 months

Aspen and her four other siblings were dumped at a popular trash and puppy dumping spot on-island, the condemned Fiesta Mall. Aspen is an exited vocal puppy but settles quickly. She is confident out in the world but not on a leash. Aspen is very sweet and has liked every dog and person she has met so far although she will bark at other dogs when on a walk. She is good in a crate but can be vocal if sne needs to be let out to potty.  She travels well in the car and is very good about going potty immediately after being let out of her crate so would do great with a routine and would be potty trained fast in a new environment. Aspen does have some resource guarding issues that should be addressed before they escalate. 




Female, approx. 6 years

Jupiter was left at the local animal shelter with her six five week old puppies. They were in rough shape, sickly and seizing in the kennel. Despite that harsh situation, Jupiter is a pretty friendly, sweet tempered girl. She has a very strong tail that is constantly wagging and knocking over anything in its way. Based off her puppy-butchered nipples we would guess Jupiter has had at least six litters in her life and really just wants to retire from motherhood and be a sofa dog. She is mostly good in a crate but is vocal if anything exciting happens outside of it without her. She is on the larger side of boonies at about 45lbs. and is a very big puller on leash but loves outings. Jupiter loves cuddles and attention from people but definitely enjoys her space from other dogs. She has not showed over-aggression to any other dogs but does not enjoy them in her personal space. She gives off dominant energy and resource guarding needs to be kept in check as she becomes entitled to resources very quickly (people giving her attention, water bowls, her couch spot, etc) but she responds well to scolding. This older girl would be fine in a dogless home where she could recieve all the attention or with a dog who will not challenge her and will give her space when needed. She is mostly dog-friendly and loves to play with her dog friends. She loves treats, but needs to learn to take them gently and is overexited easily. Jupiter has done great with all new people on outings but did need to be muzzled for vaccinations. She can be wary of strangers coming into the home and has less experience with men so proper precautions should be taken to ensure greetings go smoothly. 



Mars 1

Male, approx. 2 months

Mars is an absolute beefcake and the second biggest in his litter. He basically has no neck and no ears, only squishy face and then tummy. This big boy plays hard, naps hard, and eats even harder. He sleeps belly up and is a bit of a baby. Also has a sassy side and voices his opinion through little barks he thinks are the fiercest in the workd. Mars was close to death when we found him but came back stronger than ever!



Saturn 1

Male, approx. 2 months

Saturn is the biggest in his litter and knows it. He loves to play with all his siblings and learns fast for treats. 



Neptune Adopted

Female, approx. 2 months

Neptune is a sweet, quiet girl. She's on the calmer side and is very independent. She loves people and simply wants her own family to love. 



Pluto Adopted
Pluto 2
Pluto 3

Female, approx. 2 months

The smallest of her litter, Pluto has had a rough go from the start. After barely surviving the brutal shelter conditions, Pluto nearly succumbed to tick disease but miraculously pulled through. We thought she was out of the woods but in a freak accident Pluto experienced canine proptosis (eyeball out of socket). We had to push her eye back into place and she's been healing incredibly well, although we won't know if she's regained full vision or not until she is seen by a veterinarian. Pluto is a bold, always happy puppy ready to take on the world with her new family.



The following seven puppies are from Saipan's smaller, more remote neighboring island Tinian. They were surrendered by an owner who could not get them the medical attention they needed to survive tick disease. Their mother was a medium sized brindle boonie so we do not expect these pups to grow larger than 35lbs. 

Iris adopted

Female, approx. 2 months

Iris is equally playful as she is calm and can be hyped up or settled easily. She could adapt well to any family. 



Iris adopted

Female, approx. 2 months

This little wolfie looking girl is absolutely adorable with her upright pointed ears! She loves to play but also loves cuddles. She is on the smaller side but has enough sassiness to make up for it.



Rhea adopted

Female, approx. 2 months

This sweet girl is quiet and mellow. She likes to simply be help and cuddled and stands back from her chaotic siblings' play. She does enjoy chasing and nibbling feet!



Athena adopted

Female, approx. 2 months

Beautiful Athena is calmer and less troublesome than her other siblings. She's a little shy but warms up quickly.



Zeus 2

Male, approx. 2 months

Zues is a friendly, playful puppy who loves pets. He is very soft!



Hercules Adopted
Hercules 1
Hercules 2

Male, approx. 2 months

As the runt of the litter, this tiny guy is even smaller than you could possibly imagine. Hercules is a third of the size of his siblings and therefore is feisty and tough as can be to hold his own during play. He is a sweet boy who loves to romp around and just wants to be included in anything you're doing. Hercules enjoys playing other dogs but does get quite defensive as he is used to getting picked on so would prefer a gentle dog friend. When we found Hercules, he had tick disease which often temporarily claims dogs' eyesight. His left eye is still cloudy but we are hopeful he will regain full vision. 



Apollo adopted
Apollo 1

Male, approx. 2 months

Happy-go-lucky boy!  Apollo has beautiful markings and loves to run around with his siblings and end up at your feet for a snuggle.



swiss 1___serialized1

Female, approx. 2 months

This tri-colored girl loves to play with her siblings and can be feisty but is quite tranquil in anyone's arms. 



Doberman 1

Male, approx. 2 months

Jet is a handsome boy with a sleek, soft coat. He tends to keep to himself and is more hesitant than his other siblings but loves cuddles. 



chihuahua 1

Male, approx. 2 months

Azul is smaller and much scrawnier than his siblings but has lots of spunk to make up for his size. He also has a hilarious underbite!



Hue adopted

Male, approx. 2 months

Hue is a big, fluffy, loud puppy. His favorite activities are shouting, annoying his siblings, and eating!



Violet is very quiet and reserved. She takes a little time to warm up but loves a calm, warm lap to cuddle up on and fall asleep. She has long fur for a boonie.


Violet Adopted
rott 1

Female, approx. 2 months

More adoptable boonies being uploaded soon.